I have been playing violin for a looong time…

My whole family are professional musicians, so, as long as I remember my self there was always a music accompaniment to my life.

Since I was a baby I liked to play with my toys on top of our family grand piano, so, the transition from sitting on top of it to sitting in front of it was pretty smooth, and reading 7 notes was easier than reading the entire alphabet, so, my music life started shortly after my physical life began.

When it was time to start my formal musical education to everyone’s surprise I have chosen violin, not the piano like the rest of my family. I just liked how shiny violins looked on TV))

After about 20 years (music school, music college, music academy and postgraduate studies) I realized that a trumpet look even more shiny than violin, but by that time it was too late to switch))

After several years playing in a symphony orchestras around the world and in a spare time producing pop music records (or the other way around) I recorded three Mozart’s violin concertos (numbers 3, 4 and 5) with a rhythm section added to the score. The following tour was successful, but after that I realized that the Mozart’s Concerto number 5 was the last one he wrote and I have no more concertos to record, so, I had to find another venue.

I moved from Amsterdam to L.A. and found out that the U.S. audience prefers top 40 charts songs to all of those numbers by Mr. Mozart, so, I began playing a pop songs.

Transferring a song from the original voice version to violin is not simply playing the same tune on a different instrument. The melody is 100% preserved the way it is in the original, but also several voices must be played at the same time because that’s how a song was recorded. Violin is the number one solo instrument, and not extremely polyphonic, so, to preserve all the double or triple voices situations a pretty creative approach must be taken. But it is so much fun to realize that the way of playing all the voices and making violin sound its best was found.

Another interesting challenge is the rap parts of the songs. Songs like See You Again, Shake It Off (the middle part), and of course almost entirely Gangnam Style have parts where the singer does not sing a tune but pronounces the words in a casually speaking manner, in the rap style. How could that be played on violin?

Well, it turns out that all the sounds the human voice produces are always in certain pitch (note), and there is no way to say anything without hitting a music note. So, when you talk you actually… sing, and a dialogue between two people sound like a duet in an opera. Think about it next time you talk to someone))

Of course, finding out the exact notes the singer hits while performing a rap part is a pretty hard and tedious work, literary one sound must be singled out and played hundreds of times while searching for equivalent pitch on violin. But after one by one all the sounds were found and gathered into a “speech” it feels so cool to play it, and pays back big time. It is fun to “talk” on violin))

This album is a result of a lot of work and effort, but in the end the sound is light and upbeat.

You, as my audience are the reason for all this music to be performed…

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